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Emergency Preparedness: What’s In Your Kit?

Just how much bread do people eat during a storm?

The NYC subway under water, unprecedented flooding in Colorado, early season blizzards curtailing Halloween trick or treating – over the past few years we’ve all seen these images flash across our screens and many of us have been directly affected by these extreme weather events. In this new weather reality “It won’t happen to me” is no longer an excuse for not taking steps to be prepared in the event of a natural disaster.

September is National Preparedness Month and as we head into the winter storm season it’s worth it to take the time to build out an emergency plan for you and your family. National surveys show that just 30-35 percent of Americans have an emergency plan in place and supplies on hand to sustain them for 72 hours – some experts estimate that number is far lower. Take some time to come up with a plan. It could make a huge difference when “It won’t happen to me” doesn’t come through. Continue reading

Tackling Market Barriers – NEEP Begins Work with Efficiency Maine on Multi-Family Retrofits

The potential energy savings in the multi-family sector is tremendous. In spite of this, the sector has not been a point of focus for retrofit projects as there are multiple barriers to achieving complete success in these types of projects.

Beginning June 1, Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships will assist Efficiency Maine in its efforts to develop and deploy a multi-year energy efficiency strategy to accelerate comprehensive energy retrofits in small to medium multi-family housing which are characterized broadly as 10-40 year old, 5-20 unit apartment buildings.  Continue reading