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Mass. Senator Brownsberger Walks the Talk on Saving Energy, Part 2

State Senator Will Brownsberger

How does it feel to be on the cutting edge of residential energy efficiency (EE) in Massachusetts? State Senator Will Brownsberger knows:  he recently commissioned a significant deep energy retrofit (DER) on his Belmont home, which helped to reduce overall energy use by 74%.

I recently spoke with Mr. Brownsberger about his overall experience with the project, the challenges, and his thoughts on energy efficiency in Massachusetts. Brownsberger expressed overall satisfaction with the project, acknowledging that after selecting a contractor, going through the design process, and negotiating a price, everything ran very smoothly. The end product is a home with greatly reduced operating costs; one that his family is very happy with, and which is more comfortable to live in. Continue reading

Mass. Senator Brownsberger Walks the Talk on Saving Energy

State Senator Will Brownsberger

It’s easy for leaders to speak in platitudes about “going green.” It’s a lot harder to take a look at one’s own home and undertake a major renovation to save energy. Massachusetts State Senator Will Brownsberger of Belmont truly walks the talk. Brownsberger lists Clean Energy as the first long-term goal on his website. And in 2008, the Senator began the massive undertaking of a deep energy retrofit of his Belmont home.

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