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Industry Experts Share Knowledge at Multifamily Housing Workshop

With efficiency programs across the region maturing, states and program administrators are striving to touch more customers and tackle challenging sectors such as the multifamily housing market.

Energy RatingAs part of our ongoing initiative on multifamily housing, NEEP recently hosted a workshop on Challenges and Opportunities in the Multifamily Market in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Regions. The day-long gathering — held in conjunction with the Northeast Energy Efficiency Summit in Springfield, Mass. — informed efforts to increase comprehensive multifamily retrofits by providing actionable information that help drive deeper energy savings.

The workshop featured three sessions: Public Policies that Value and Support Multifamily Retrofits, Finance, and Communications — giving the diverse stakeholders an overview of activities in the region and insights into policies and programs that are moving the multifamily market forward.

The 80 attendees included representatives from Northeast and Mid-Atlantic local and state government housing, finance, and energy agencies, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), energy efficiency program administrators, financing experts, non-profit clean energy advocates, academia, consultants and other stakeholders.

Among the fantastic speakers and other experts in the room, we were pleased to have Leslie Cook, a Program Manager with the U.S. EPA; Dave Carey, Principal with Harcourt, Brown and Carey; and Andy Padian, Vice President of the Community Preservation Corporation.

Here are a few high-level gleanings from the workshop:

Building energy rating and disclosure are essential for real progress. Multifamily policy is inconsistent or non-existent throughout much of the region and to overcome that issue, the adoption of building energy rating and disclosure — at the local and state level — is imperative.

Regulation, lack of awareness and the type of financial products are issues, not the lack of capital. While adequate funding is available, demand remains low due to significant regulation in the affordable housing market and lack of incentives for building owners to pursue energy efficiency measures.

Targeted communication to owners and tenants is a must. Developing relationships, building trust, and tailoring the message for each specific audience are important. Messages about the value and opportunities of energy efficiency should be clear and simple, and delivered multiple times.

It was terrific to see the exchange of ideas from the various actors and people from up and down the east coast. NEEP looks forward to building on these insights as part of a new white paper to be released next month, Increasing Energy Efficiency in Small Multifamily Properties in the Northeast: Data, Analysis, and Recommendations for Policy Action. This paper will review the current state of small multifamily housing within the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions, and seeks to building momentum towards achieving deep energy savings in the multifamily housing sector.


Industry Experts to Speak at NEEP’s Regional Multifamily Workshop

Maine-MulitfamilyStakeholders from the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic region are recognizing the importance of tackling the unique challenges of energy efficiency in multifamily buildings. NEEP will host a Regional Multifamily Workshop on Tuesday, June 18 in conjunction with the Northeast Energy Efficiency Summit to provide an overview of activities in the region and insights into policies and programs that can move the multifamily retrofit market forward. There will be three sessions presented by industry experts: Public Policy that Values and Support Retrofits, Finance, and Communications Methods and Strategies. Each has an important role in building momentum for achieving deep energy savings in this important market.

Attendees will include local, state, and federal government officials such as energy and housing officials, utilities, lenders, efficiency program administrators, non-governmental organizations, property owners/managers, industry advocates, and other stakeholders from the 11 Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states and the District of Columbia.

Multifamily Project Manager

Leading speakers include:

  • Ed Connolly, President, New Ecology
  • Leslie Cook, Program Manager, Environmental Protection Agency
  • Lisa Hodges, Senior Adviser, Oystertree Consulting

Gathering together as thought-leaders and stakeholders within the realm of multi-family efficiency is a crucial step in overcoming the barriers that face this particular market. We are excited to discover unprecedented, innovative ways to achieve our regional, national, and global goals for a cleaner energy portfolio alongside of a robust economy. We look forward to seeing you there!

Multifamily Efficiency Leaders Assemble at the ACEEE MT Symposium

The multifamily workshop at the ACEEE Market Transformation Symposium in Washington, D.C., attracted a large crowd of people wanting to join the conversation about innovative policies and programs in the multifamily housing sector. This event represented a prime example that the power of collaboration and conversation hold for the advancement of energy efficiency.

Presentations by Peter Ludwig and Rick Samson depicted the full-circle status of the U.S. multifamily market that uncovered connections between market Maine-Mulitfamilycharacteristics, market barriers and market outlook. Rick and Peter both view multifamily efficiency from different viewpoints but face similar barriers and have the same goal at the end of their tunnels: multifamily energy efficiency market transformation.  Ed Londergan, NEEP’s Multifamily Project Manager, moderated the session and provided his extensive multifamily experiences and leadership to the foundation of the conversation. Continue reading

NEEP’s Regional Leadership Group Advances Multi-Family Progress

Energy was high at NEEP’s Multi-Family Regional Leadership Group meeting, held February 27 in the “Civil Action” Court Room at EPA Region One’s Federal McCormack Building and via webinar. Stakeholders from Maine to Pennsylvania to Washington State came together to learn and share knowledge about multi-family energy efficiency opportunities and barriers. Speakers included Efficiency Maine Trust’s Rick Meinking, HR&A Advisor’s Candace Damon, and NYSERDA’s Mike Colgrove. It didn’t end there though.

Break-out sessions on Building Energy Rating, Market Barriers, and Funding and Financing encouraged discussion and brainstorming, which were shared with the rest of the 58 attendees. Dave Carey of Harcourt Brown & Carey Energy & Finance, for example, developed a great visualization that showed us what financing was available and to whom. MIT’s Alex Marks explained the benefits of building energy rating and disclosure, sharing the Peter Drucker quote, “things that are measured, are improved.”

Continue reading

NEEP to Convene Top Thinkers on Efficiency in Multi-family Housing

Maine-MulitfamilyThe Regional Multi-family Leadership Group will meet on February 27 at the New England Regional EPA Headquarters in Boston.

The Leadership Group is composed of members from energy efficiency program administrators, state energy offices, state and local housing programs, local and federal government agencies, non-profit organizations and other stakeholders from 11 Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states. Continue reading