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NEEP Summit and Business Leaders on YouTube

John Otterbein, Marketing Communications Associate

John Otterbein, Marketing Communications Associate

Throw some popcorn in an energy efficient microwave, turn down the overhead, living-room LEDS with your shiny-new home energy management system, and join our story’s protagonist, energy efficiency, on a myriad of journeys.

Every year we nominate, film, and present video case studies highlighting forward thinking businesses that have molded their business plans and bottom lines to include energy efficiency upgrades. Now in its 9th year, NEEP’s Business Leaders for Energy Efficiency Program has accumulated a well-spring of monetary, energy, and environmental savings. In 2014 alone, fourteen business leaders collectively saved a prominent 26,967,507 kWh and $5,645,181, no small feat from a group of committed businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Our YouTube channel is home to this significant body of work with over 80 business leader case studies and our newly released PowerTalk presentations from this year’s NEEP Summit on topics ranging from utility restructuring to grid modernization. If you’re looking for a jolt of inspiration or a dollop of information, head over to our channel or website to watch energy efficiency in action!

A High Octane Event for a Low-Carbon Future

It happens to the best of us..

It happens to the best of us..

We’ve all attended events that brandish flashy titles and pithy tag-lines that turn out to be a few experts taking turns projecting their esoteric insights and aptitudes onto an audience that, in large part, are not in the right frame of mind to effectively accept and/or digest that information.

It’s not that what’s being said isn’t important or intelligent; it’s just that there seems to be an element missing from the delivery of the information which is absolutely crucial when connecting to the audience more often than every tenth word.

Certain amounts of novelty, variability, and excitement are necessary ingredients in order to translate inspired words into inspired listening.

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Home Efficiency Beyond Energy

This piece was shared by 360 Chestnut.

This piece was shared by 360 Chestnut.

Its important to remember energy efficiency encompasses more than just energy bills and using CFLs for lightbulbs. At 360Chestnut we focus on home improvement solutions that are cost-effective, energy efficient and make a healthier home for you and your family. While there are dozens of tips we can give you to make the healthiest home possible, we are sticking with a 5 step plan to help you make improvements throughout your home. You may not see the difference in your energy bills but you will feel better about the health safety of your home.

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The Spine-Chilling Secret Lurking Behind Your Electronics

dark watching TvYes, Halloween is just around the corner, but we’re not talking about the types of vampires or phantoms that frequent late night television programming or beaming computer screens in dark living rooms. What we are talking about can be just as frightening — the technology, that portrays those eerie figures, itself.  Vampire or phantom loads refer to the appliances and electronics that draw electricity from your outlets, even when they are turned off.

The incessant leaching of idle electricity drains your electrical system and adds up on the electricity bill. So what can we do to protect ourselves against these types of loads, become more energy efficient and save money on our electric bills?









The answer is not garlic, a wooden stake, catching up on Scooby Doo, or even going around and unplugging every device. (ZOIKS!) It’s much simpler than battling the ghastly forces of evil that pervade the various rooms of your home.

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Energy Action Month: Shoe Box Submissions

Energy savings tips from NEEP staff.

Energy savings tips from NEEP staff.

October is passing like the brisk wind that blows leaves from their heightened homes, colorful vestiges of spring and summer are littering the soon to be frozen landscape. The sun emits lower and lazier rays, forcing house lights to switch on earlier every subsequent autumn afternoon. Frigid winds force the windows closed and ramp up the heaters to full blast as the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions dig through their closets in search of winter gear.

Darker, colder months mean brighter and warmer homes.

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Energy Action Month Begins!

LightbulbOctober presents the opportunity to enjoy the changing foliage, dress-up as Miley Cyrus (Disney version, please) and collect enough brick-sized candy bars to construct a fortress to house your favorite Halloween nightmares while you slip into your hard earned, sugar-induced slumbers.

Exciting, indeed, but what about those of us who aren’t teenagers anymore and still want to mark October as a particularly special time of year? Well you, my curious virtual friend, have stumbled into the correct cyber-space.

October marks the time to support various movements, initiatives and issues. For instance, be ready to bust out your coveted fossils because it’s Raptor Awareness month! Dinosaurs don’t keep you up at night? That’s fine because it also happens to be national Bat Appreciation month. Fortunately, I’ve recently forgiven the bat I escorted out of my house a few weeks back, even though the umbrella I opened as a shield bestowed an undefined amount of badluck unto me.

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NEEP Featured Exhibit- 2013 Business Leader Case Study Video Stack

A towering array of television sets at the ICA in Boston, MA (Barry McGee exhibit)

A towering array of television sets at the ICA in Boston, MA (Barry McGee exhibit)

I was recently at the Institute for Contemporary Art (ICA) in Boston, MA where I was amazed to find a forty foot-tall stack of Tv’s showing some of Barry McGee’s finest work. This exhibit got me thinking about NEEP’s opportunity for our own, virtual TV stack.

Grab a bag of popcorn, an overpriced candy bar, and something with a reclining feature.

I’d like to unveil our newest creation, an EnergyEfficiencyMatters exclusive, NEEP’s 2013 Business Leader Champions Video Stack!

Total Runtime: 19:13
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Rebuild it Right, A Tour of EcoBuilding Bargains

The springfield tornado demolished more than 40 buildings and caused over $100 million in damages.

The Springfield tornado demolished more than 40 buildings and caused over $100 million in damages.

Natural disasters are here to stay and our communities need to be as prepared as possible and ready for any natural upheaval, anywhere, at any time. Preparing for natural disturbances, or even disasters, ahead of time is imperative to minimize potential damage and reduce fatality. The need for pre-planning was made especially apparent by the recent devastating Oklahoma tornadoes that stomped through the suburbs of Oklahoma City. A warning was sounded out to local communities as a tornado touched down approximately sixteen minutes later, travelling twenty long, destructive miles. Continue reading

Experience is the Wisest Teacher, NEEP’s Student Scholarship Program

NEEP's Student Scholarship Program serves as a great stepping stone into Energy Efficiency.

NEEP’s Student Scholarship Program serves as a great stepping stone into Energy Efficiency.

Imagine being in a dark room with nothing but a flashlight. Focus is narrowed down to the width of the hand-held beam. This narrow focus limits the options of opportunity within the room. Once the battery dies, the room goes pitch black. After a good amount of time passes, a slight memory wells up. Clap Clap! The overhead lights instantaneously power on and the room in its entirety is revealed under cool rays of light. There’s only one problem, where’s the door? Continue reading

Imitating Energy Efficiency Successes, 2013 NEEP Business Leaders

2013 NEEP Summit Student Scholarship PorgramWhat do the manufacturer of the Blackhawk helicopter, a community center and a medical school campus have in common? All of them were honored at the 2012 Northeast Energy Efficiency Summit as State Champions of the annual Business Leaders for Energy Efficiency program. Every year, NEEP invites its utility sponsors to nominate business customers throughout the region that show leadership in adopting and implementing efficiency strategies.

Regardless of budgets, business models, market placement, or provided services, energy is needed to power business across all sectors. Whether its lighting controls, combined heat and power systems or supply chain improvements, the high rates of return and significant energy savings are catching the eye of energy managers and CEOs alike. To these businesses the investment they put into efficiency measures means reduced emissions, job creation, increased productivity and for some, the ability to keep business in the U.S. in an increasingly competitive global market. The bottom line is that efficiency makes good business sense and the businesses NEEP highlights are proof of that.

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