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Energy Efficiency Has Never Looked Smarter!

It’s 4:15 A.M. It’s dark and well below freezing in Boston as I sleepily make my way to Logan for a 7am flight.  I board the plane, lift-off, and in a few short hours I land in the overcast, gem of a city that is Austin, Texas.  As I exit the terminal, a smile takes over my face as the warm Texas air is such a welcome relief from the bitter cold of the Northeast.  I board the bus from the airport ($1.50 to drop me off 2 blocks from my hotel—what a steal!), and I can’t help but get excited about the days to come at the Smart Energy Summit.

Look at all those savings!

Look at all those savings!

You know what we need?  An app to help manage the weather!  Does that exist? No? Well, even if I can’t dial up the heat-waves emitted from the sun, I can manage the temperature of my home, along with all other electricity-consuming devices, remotely. This burgeoning technology referred to as Home Energy Management Systems (HEMS) has enormous savings potential that lays wait in a barnacle-covered, sunken chest, just waiting to be pulled to the surface!

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They use Incandescent bulbs? That was so 1879

As NEEP bids farewell to the incandescent light bulb, and congratulates ten cities in the United States for their embrace of efficient lighting, Congress has, unfortunately, yielded to obstinate consumers. Congress’ recent budget deal denies the U.S. Department of Energy funding to enforce new efficient lighting standards for lamps, which have disqualified the traditional incandescent light bulb. Thankfully, the new efficiency standard for light bulbs established by the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 (EISA) will go into effect, even though DOE is restricted in its enforcement of that standard. This is disappointing given that energy and cost savings are lost due to stubborn consumers and their outdated preferences for incandescent bulbs.


I share my colleague’s belief in the winning recipe of ‘Innovation and Regulation’ to reduce energy consumption, fuel cost, and environmental degradation.  By ignoring the advances made nationally and regionally, this attempted halt of EISA would only harm the United States economy. American manufacturers have moved on, and have already innovated and adapted to the new standards. However, with DOE unable to enforce this standard, Congress’ actions would leave less-stringent foreign manufacturers to flaunt the law. In fact, since California adopted EISA’s standards a year before it went into effect nationally, manufacturers have been prepared ever since. In a recent study by ASAP, efficiency standards are found to have no drawback on performance, features, or price (including electricity bill savings). Congress’ misguided efforts can only hinder that innovation and development, especially when the Northeast is a leader in energy efficiency.

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Join NEEP at the 2014 Smart Energy Summit: Engaging the Consumer

A big priority to emerge from NEEP’s Business and Consumer Electronics Strategy is capturing the significant energy efficiency gains from “smarter” energy use in the home. New all-in-one home energy management software is becoming increasingly available to those willing to change their energy consuming behaviors.

So how do we change deeply entrenched behavioral patterns to align with more energy efficient usage? One way that’s been working for energy efficiency thus far is to offer enticing incentives.

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DesignLights Consortium Drives Innovation With Updates to the SSL Qualified Products List

The Solid-State Lighting (SSL) industry is poised to take a leap forward in energy efficiency and performance as Northeast Energy Efficiency (NEEP) updated the DesignLights Consortium®’s (DLC) SSL Qualified Products List (QPL) at the turn of the year.


Thanks to the 2013 specification revision to the DLC QPL, lighting manufacturers, energy efficiency program administrators, and others in the SSL industry can continue to promote energy efficient lighting technology with the latest most innovative and high-performing products. The newest version of the list had been phased in over the last few months, having allowed products that met the previous requirements to remain on the list until January 1, 2014. At that time, products which did not meet the new requirements were removed from the active QPL and placed on the “Products No Longer Qualified” list.

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A Breeze of Innovation, Air Source Heat Pumps Hold Potential

We all know what the outdoors can do to revitalize our health.  We feel more connected, nourished, and energized after we venture out of our homes and take a deep, endless breath of fresh air, soak up vitamins from sunlight, or drop in on the crest of an interminable wave. What if I told you that the same raw nourishment from the outdoors can reduce your heating and cooling bill?

Energy efficient technology helps lay the groundwork for a more symbiotic relationship between the natural world and us.

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Hanging Underwear Out to Dry?

I get it.  No really, I do.  You’re an environmentalist – well, so am I. You wanted to lessen your carbon footprint just like the rest of us – and I applaud that. So in a desperate attempt to decrease the environmental burden of doing laundry, you decided to hang your clothes out to dry. But this isn’t Little House on the Prairie! This is an urban area and countless people just got a free look at your unmentionables. That guy down the street? Yeah, he saw them.  The old lady on your block almost tumbled over when she saw those, “new-fangled undergarments” of yours. Even now, small children are buckling over in peals of laughter at your expense.


There is no need to continue this public shaming.  You can keep your laundry and privacy clean without damage to the environment.  Let me show you how NEEP and our partners can help. This year, NEEP joined forces with the Super Efficient Dryers Initiative (SEDI), who plans to introduce advanced clothes dryers into the North American market. NEEP and SEDI are especially interested in the prospect of heat pump clothes dryers, which are currently picking up speed in European markets.

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Efficient Lighting Options Skate to the Top of Santa’s List

Hey Rudolf, is that an LED?

Hey Rudolf, is that an LED?

It’s official: the holiday season is here.  With snow on the ground in much of the Northeast and days still getting darker earlier, NEEP has some tips to help you brighten up your homes while still leaving plenty of room in your budget for the newest gadgets and gifts.

Holiday lighting is a big business!  Think about it: around the holidays, millions of Americans plug in new light sources, both inside and out, and leave them on for hours each day.  Think of your own home—do you use fewer of your normal lights when your holiday lights are on?  Or do you enjoy the holiday ambience alongside of your traditional lighting arrays?  Utility customers in this region are accustomed to bills going up in the winter months; while this is mostly thought to be attributed to an increase in heating and maybe holiday cooking, holiday lighting can heat up and burn a hole in your electricity bill.

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A Black Friday with a Bright Future

black_friday_2012_11_19It’s almost here—that special time of year when shopping moves from a basic necessity to a competitive sport and stores are offering deals that may stop you in your tracks.  As Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Thanksgiving, and Hanukkah are closing in, and with fewer weekends than usual before the end of the year, the pressure to shop ‘til you drop is stronger than ever.  But don’t panic—we and some of our friends will help you though this pressure cooker situation and make sure that you have the tools to avoid dead-end deals and find the products that will pay you, and the environment, back for your commitment to energy efficiency.

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From Edison to the LED, NEEP’s RLS Has You Covered

thomas_edisonLight is amazing. Not only is the lightbulb the international symbol for ideas and innovation, but lighting is one of humankind’s earliest technologies. From the first fires to candles to oil lamps, when Thomas Edison created the incandescent lightbulb in 1879, it was the best invention since—well, the lightbulb! However, though the bulb itself represented innovation, the incandescent technology used today is largely the same as in Edison’s time—hardly innovative.

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The Spine-Chilling Secret Lurking Behind Your Electronics

dark watching TvYes, Halloween is just around the corner, but we’re not talking about the types of vampires or phantoms that frequent late night television programming or beaming computer screens in dark living rooms. What we are talking about can be just as frightening — the technology, that portrays those eerie figures, itself.  Vampire or phantom loads refer to the appliances and electronics that draw electricity from your outlets, even when they are turned off.

The incessant leaching of idle electricity drains your electrical system and adds up on the electricity bill. So what can we do to protect ourselves against these types of loads, become more energy efficient and save money on our electric bills?









The answer is not garlic, a wooden stake, catching up on Scooby Doo, or even going around and unplugging every device. (ZOIKS!) It’s much simpler than battling the ghastly forces of evil that pervade the various rooms of your home.

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