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Welcome to Highlights! May/June 2014
Natalie Hildt Treat, Senior Public Policy Outreach Manager

Natalie Hildt Treat,
Senior Public Policy Outreach Manager

Welcome to Highlights! – May/June 2014

Spring always feels like a particularly busy time in the world of energy efficiency policy – state legislatures are toiling away on new laws, state energy offices and program administrators are undertaking planning work, and of course it’s the season of the Northeast Energy Efficiency Summit!

On June 2-3, over three hundred participants will gather in beautiful Newport, Rhode Island to discuss how to scale up energy efficiency as we move towards a low-carbon future. NEEP is very excited about a new, more engaging format we’re calling “Power Talks,” as well as terrific line up of thought-provoking speakers.

In addition to the main event on Tuesday June 3, on Monday NEEP is hosting three different workshops meant to attract program administrators, policymakers and practitioners. We hope you will join us early to participate in one of these workshops – see sidebar for more info.

Meantime, read on for some of the most impactful news on state energy policy, high performance buildings and codes, EM&V and appliance efficiency standards. We’ll also share our thoughts on the region’s rush to expand natural gas capacity, and what the role of efficiency should be in helping to meet demand constraints. We hope to see you in Newport! We welcome your questions and comments about Highlights.

-Natalie Hildt Treat

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Building Energy Codes:

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Sitting In:

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High Performance Buildings:

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In Focus:

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EM&V Essentials:

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