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Green codes underway in Rhode Island – is this the future of public policy?

City Hall Annex - Cambridge's first high performance municipal building Photo: City of Cambridge and Blind Dog Photo, Inc.

Naturally, I waited until the last possible day of the year to apply for my resident parking permit at the City Hall Annex in Cambridge, Mass.  When I entered the lobby, the line of permit-seekers was at least a hundred people deep, winding around the entire first floor of the building, up the staircase and back down again.  What I expected to be a high-anxiety situation filled with people sighing loudly and making rude comments under their breath turned out to be a surprisingly pleasant experience. People waited patiently, read their books, chatted with their neighbors, and played games on their cell phones until it was their time at the window.  Why such a pleasant atmosphere?

I’d like to think that the vibe had something to do with the fact that we were all waiting inside Cambridge’s first municipal “green” building.  The building is a historic renovation of an 1871 schoolhouse—with big windows, an upgraded ventilation system, non-toxic paint and finishes, and geothermal heating.  The walls of the lobby are covered in nature-inspired murals depicting the City’s commitment to the environment.  Cambridge taxpayers pay less for utilities to power this building – and procrastinators like me now have a beautiful place to wait in line to get a permit. Continue reading

Advanced Building Energy Codes: Knowledge at your Fingertips

Free one hour webinar on Tuesday, May 31st (3-4 PM)

It is widely accepted that implementing advanced building energy codes presents one of the most cost-effective ways of achieving large scale energy savings and carbon emissions reductions.  However, with ever-changing code regulations and building science modifications, it can seem daunting knowing where to find the most up-to-date information on building energy codes.

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