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Energy Efficiency: A True Boon to Businesses

IMG_0201 resizedAt the tail end of October 2013, I hit the ground running  as NEEP’s new Public Relations Manager. I quickly learned about NEEP staffers, their roles, and how they all connected together to make our projects move forward. I studied NEEP whitepapers, workshops, and business plans. I looked up acronym after acronym. I met (via email, phone, and in person) scores of NEEP partners and sponsors.

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EM&V Workshop: 5 Things You Should Know About the Emerging Evaluation World

EMV plantJoin NEEP on Monday, June 2 in Newport as we gather a mix of policymakers, program administrators, system planners, federal agencies, and EM&V practitioners for a pre-Summit workshop on the evolving evaluation, measurement, and verification (EM&V) world.

With all the buzz around streamlining EM&V as the efficiency resource grows — through developments such as use of national EM&V protocols, access to and use of ‘big data’ and smart meters/devices, and use of emerging automated M&V tools — it’s hard to sort out what’s happening when and what key barriers we must overcome before we see the EM&V 2.0 world evolve. Panel topics will include:

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The Path to Zero Net Energy Buildings: Join Us June 2!

Claiborne Pell Elementary School, Newport RI

Claiborne Pell Elementary School, Newport RI

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” Along with being a trite yearbook quote, this phrase also describes the impetus behind NEEP’s workshop on the path to zero net energy buildings — buildings that generate as much energy as they consume annually. While we currently have the technology and knowledge to design and build these hyper-efficient buildings, we envision a future in which zero net energy construction is the norm instead of a case study.

As part of the 9th Annual Northeast Energy Efficiency Summit, NEEP’s Buildings Team will hold a workshop entitled Daybreak on Zero Net Energy Buildings: Illuminating Our Future with Comprehensive Strategies for the Built Environment. Over the course of the day, we will assess the opportunities and challenges facing the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic region (and beyond) and draw cross-cutting connections between short and long-term strategies for realizing a zero net energy future. Policymakers, practitioners, utility program managers and real estate professionals will lead discussions exploring the public policies, technologies and innovations, and stakeholder partnerships necessary for realizing our zero net energy building future.

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A High Octane Event for a Low-Carbon Future

It happens to the best of us..

It happens to the best of us..

We’ve all attended events that brandish flashy titles and pithy tag-lines that turn out to be a few experts taking turns projecting their esoteric insights and aptitudes onto an audience that, in large part, are not in the right frame of mind to effectively accept and/or digest that information.

It’s not that what’s being said isn’t important or intelligent; it’s just that there seems to be an element missing from the delivery of the information which is absolutely crucial when connecting to the audience more often than every tenth word.

Certain amounts of novelty, variability, and excitement are necessary ingredients in order to translate inspired words into inspired listening.

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Industry Experts Share Knowledge at Multifamily Housing Workshop

With efficiency programs across the region maturing, states and program administrators are striving to touch more customers and tackle challenging sectors such as the multifamily housing market.

Energy RatingAs part of our ongoing initiative on multifamily housing, NEEP recently hosted a workshop on Challenges and Opportunities in the Multifamily Market in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Regions. The day-long gathering — held in conjunction with the Northeast Energy Efficiency Summit in Springfield, Mass. — informed efforts to increase comprehensive multifamily retrofits by providing actionable information that help drive deeper energy savings.

The workshop featured three sessions: Public Policies that Value and Support Multifamily Retrofits, Finance, and Communications — giving the diverse stakeholders an overview of activities in the region and insights into policies and programs that are moving the multifamily market forward.

The 80 attendees included representatives from Northeast and Mid-Atlantic local and state government housing, finance, and energy agencies, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), energy efficiency program administrators, financing experts, non-profit clean energy advocates, academia, consultants and other stakeholders.

Among the fantastic speakers and other experts in the room, we were pleased to have Leslie Cook, a Program Manager with the U.S. EPA; Dave Carey, Principal with Harcourt, Brown and Carey; and Andy Padian, Vice President of the Community Preservation Corporation.

Here are a few high-level gleanings from the workshop:

Building energy rating and disclosure are essential for real progress. Multifamily policy is inconsistent or non-existent throughout much of the region and to overcome that issue, the adoption of building energy rating and disclosure — at the local and state level — is imperative.

Regulation, lack of awareness and the type of financial products are issues, not the lack of capital. While adequate funding is available, demand remains low due to significant regulation in the affordable housing market and lack of incentives for building owners to pursue energy efficiency measures.

Targeted communication to owners and tenants is a must. Developing relationships, building trust, and tailoring the message for each specific audience are important. Messages about the value and opportunities of energy efficiency should be clear and simple, and delivered multiple times.

It was terrific to see the exchange of ideas from the various actors and people from up and down the east coast. NEEP looks forward to building on these insights as part of a new white paper to be released next month, Increasing Energy Efficiency in Small Multifamily Properties in the Northeast: Data, Analysis, and Recommendations for Policy Action. This paper will review the current state of small multifamily housing within the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions, and seeks to building momentum towards achieving deep energy savings in the multifamily housing sector.


Not your Grandma’s Electronics Workshop

This is your last chance to register for NEEP's BCE workshop at the 2013 Energy Efficiency Summit!

This is your last chance to register for NEEP’s BCE workshop at the 2013 Energy Efficiency Summit!

Business and Consumer Electronics (BCEs) programs have long been the cause of frustration for efficiency programs.  As described in a recent NEEP blog post, energy consumption per device is low, but the aggregated energy use of electronics is a staggering 15% of the household.  This sizeable potential for energy savings is like an object that is just out of reach.  The very innovation and diversity that makes electronics appealing to consumers creates enormous design challenges for efficiency programs.   How can you earn savings when each product uses a small amount of energy, but added together have a large effect?  Continue reading

Imitating Energy Efficiency Successes, 2013 NEEP Business Leaders

2013 NEEP Summit Student Scholarship PorgramWhat do the manufacturer of the Blackhawk helicopter, a community center and a medical school campus have in common? All of them were honored at the 2012 Northeast Energy Efficiency Summit as State Champions of the annual Business Leaders for Energy Efficiency program. Every year, NEEP invites its utility sponsors to nominate business customers throughout the region that show leadership in adopting and implementing efficiency strategies.

Regardless of budgets, business models, market placement, or provided services, energy is needed to power business across all sectors. Whether its lighting controls, combined heat and power systems or supply chain improvements, the high rates of return and significant energy savings are catching the eye of energy managers and CEOs alike. To these businesses the investment they put into efficiency measures means reduced emissions, job creation, increased productivity and for some, the ability to keep business in the U.S. in an increasingly competitive global market. The bottom line is that efficiency makes good business sense and the businesses NEEP highlights are proof of that.

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New kids on the block, younger workforce entering energy efficiency

2013 NEEP Summit Student Scholarship PorgramWith changes to the political, social, and economic undercurrents of our society, the landscape of energy efficiency is constantly shifting. The industry is now largely recognized for its demand-side solution to conserve energy, save natural and financial resources, and build career opportunities. The numbers don’t lie; energy efficiency is by far the most cost-effective energy solution out there and the region’s demand for energy is flattening out as more energy efficiency practices take hold. These positive aspects of energy efficiency have caught the eyes of recent college graduates who see the energy efficiency industry as promising, innovative, and full of opportunity.

Like many of today’s hot industries, energy efficiency companies seek young professionals with diverse backgrounds and skill sets. Degrees in engineering, marketing, political science, economics, and public policy, to name a few, are good stepping stones for breaking into the efficiency industry. NEEP, and other organizations like it, have given young professionals the opportunity to branch out and find their passion within energy efficiency. A quick search of current job opportunities reveals positions in research, marketing and product development – the list goes on but it’s clear that there’s something for everyone. Continue reading

The 2013 NEEP Summit is Set for Launch

2013-Summit-IconThe Northeast Energy Efficiency Summit is rapidly approaching and all of us here at NEEP could not be more excited! The Northeast Energy Efficiency Summit is NEEP’s signature event and gives policy makers, program administrators, members of the business community, and other stakeholders to efficiency an opportunity to come together to discuss challenges and successes facing the full deployment of energy efficiency across the Northeast region.

The Summit is set for the June 18-19th at the Sheraton Hotel in Springfield, MA. These two days will be packed with interactive educational opportunities, profiles of leaders in energy efficiency, efficiency workshops, and will act as a gathering spot for energy efficiency professionals from around the region.

Here is a glance into prior NEEP Northeast Energy Efficiency Summits.

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Residential Lighting Programs – The Art of Measuring Market Transformation

Residential lighting efficiency programs don’t come as cheap as they used to. Due to increasing product costs and federal Energy Information and Security Act (EISA) standards that raise minimum efficiency requirements and lower the incremental savings of high efficiency lighting products, lighting programs need bigger budgets to gain smaller but still significant energy savings.  At the same time, programs are increasingly being asked to achieve long-term market transformation simultaneously with short-term aggressive resource acquisition goals. Continue reading