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Policy Tracker–October 24 Edition

Presidential election aside, November brings many important state and federal policy developments for energy efficiency.  From state elections and energy efficiency plans, the Northeast states will be busy this month shaping energy and regulatory policy and NEEP will be there to provide you with context and analysis on what’s to come. Here are some notable developments in energy efficiency policy that we’re following: Continue reading

Nineteen schools in the region awarded Nation’s first Green Ribbons

Imagine if your school saved thousands of dollars on utility costs by cutting down on energy, harvested vegetables from its “lasagna garden” for school lunch, or fueled its buses with discarded cooking oils from local restaurants. Schools across the US are doing this and more – and have been honored for the first time by the Department of Education’s Green Ribbon School Awards program for their innovative “green” approach to education.

Secretary of Ed. Arne Duncan and students at Green Ribbon Schools Winners Announcement

On a morning visit to a DC school this Monday, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan announced the first ever winners of the Green Ribbon School Awards. Schools received Green Ribbons for implementing a strong, holistic approach to being “green” – these schools save energy, foster healthy school environments, and have strong environmental education programs.   Nineteen of the 78 winning schools came from the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic.

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Policy Tracker

Our most recent Policy Tracker is available now.   Key developments include:

  • State Policy Updates: Delaware Policy Status, New Hampshire Energy Policy Study, New York SBC IV, Rhode Island’s New Savings Targets, and Vermont Energy Efficiency Budgets
  • New NEEP Resources: Codes Conference Presentations, Home Energy Efficiency Basics for Real Estate Professionals, and update on DOE Appliance Efficiency Standards
  • New Reports: Energy Efficiency Financing in Vermont and IMT Buliding Energy Disclosure Report

Check out the latest news here.

New Survey Shows Strong But Qualified Support for Energy Efficiency and Clean Energy

Judging from many of the recent headlines, one might think that the clean energy economy in the Northeast was losing public support. According to a recent survey by the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication, however, public support for policies that promote clean energy and lower carbon dioxide emissions continues to be quite strong. “Public Support for Climate and Energy Policies in May 2011″ finds that 91 percent of Americans believe that developing clean sources of energy should be a priority. A slightly smaller majority, 71 percent, believes that addressing global warming should be a priority. Popular opinion also favors stronger state action for the clean energy economy, with 54 percent stating that their governors and their state legislatures should take more action to address the challenge.
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